Coaching Tips


  • Having a correct and comfortable grip is first and foremost.  Not everybody will have the same grip.

What is right for one person could be wrong for another.

Use either the fingertip grip or the claw grip. Your middle finger should be centered on the bowl to make sure that when you release the bowl it is on its proper running surface, thus eliminating the ‘wobbles’.


     You should step forward at a comfortable distance when delivering your bowl

    Recognise the link between the length of your step and the speed of your delivery.

    Delivery is a pendulum action of the arm. The palm of your hand should follow the

    bowl in a natural follow through.

    Begin your backswing before you step, take a step forward when your arm is approximately level with your hip,

    Release the bowl when your arm is slightly in front of your front foot.

  • A U Tube Video from South Africa. 12 videos to be used in conjuction with a coaches advice and practice.                        
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