Nightcliff Bowls Club welcomes you and provides both local and visiting bowlers an all-seasons bowling surface for Social, Booked and Club events. The Club is able to provide this service as Darwin’s only DryMax Pro surfaced bowling green that allows access except in the heaviest of rain. Apart from the social bowls shown below we also conduct an annual dry season carnival for men and women to which you may nominate, on-line, using our web page shown here

For members, we have Club Championships, Mixed Events, Inter-Club Pennants & a bi-annual “ProGrass Challenge” between the Nightcliff and Katherine Bowling Clubs.Booked Events are available by arrangement with our Club. Please contact us by calling the Sports Club on +61889853121 or by emailing our President via the email address president@nightcliffbowlsclub.org.au.


This site will give you the basics of our Club.  For full details visit our main website at