Membership Renewal 2019-2020 – North Balwyn Bowls Club

Our membership year ends on 31 March.  Membership fees for 2019-20 are due on 1 April 2019 and payable by 30 April.


A schedule of fees for 2019-20 and a payment advice slip can be downloaded by clicking the icon at the bottom of this page.

We prefer payment by bank transfer as this is easier for us to administer.  The details of the Club’s bank account are in the attachment. In the transaction description enter your Name and Mship, eg Jill Doe Mship.

If you wish to pay by one of the other methods, please print the attachment, fill in the payment advice and submit it with your payment so that we can identify the payment. There is a box in the main office and one in the bowls office for receiving payments and payment advice slips. No cash is to be left in the box; it must be handed to an authorised officer of the Club and a receipt obtained.

Renewal information

This year again we are collecting renewal information via an online form.  This makes it easier for members to provide the information and easier for us to process the information. Members found last year that it is not difficult to use the form even for those with limited computer skills.  Please take the couple of minutes needed and fill in the form and help us keep our membership records accurate and complete.  CLICK HERE TO GO TO ONLINE FORM. See below for tips on using the form.

Please complete a separate form for each member. Receiving a single form for a couple of members complicates processing and record keeping for us.

Tips for using online form

  • Clicking on the link above will open the form in your chosen browser.  Right click and select “Open in new tab” if you want to keep these tips open as well as the form.
  • To move from question to question use the mouse or the tab key.
  • Most questions are mandatory and must be fully completed. These are marked with a red asterisk. Other questions are optional if applicable.
  • Some questions require you to type your answer. Some questions require you to click on a circle for one of the options. The second last question allows you to click on none, one or both boxes.
  • For the membership type question, click on the down arrow to be given a list and click on the appropriate option.
  • When you have completed the form, click on submit. If you have not completed a mandatory answer, it will be highlighted in red and your form cannot be submitted until it is completed.
  • When your completed form has been submitted, you will be taken to a page thanking you for completing it. This page has an option to click on “edit your response” which will take you back to your form and allow you to make changes and resubmit. If you don’t want to make changes, you are done and can close the window.